Many people are considering toilet paper tablets because they offer a variety of benefits. For example, toilet paper tablets are biodegradable and flushable, so they do not contribute to clogs in the sewer system. In addition, toilet paper tablets can be used for hand-washing as well as washing dishes, which is an advantage for those who live in areas without running water or electricity. Toilet Paper Tablets also has many other features that make them worth consideration.

Toilet Paper Tablets: Features

Some many benefits and features make toilet paper tablets worth consideration. Some are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Flushable
  • Hand washing alternative for those without running water or electricity
  • Washing dishes alternative for those without running water or energy

TP Tablets: Advantages

The ability to purchase in bulk, environmentally friendly materials, easy to store while other toilets cleaner is not. And there are other advantages of tablets as below as bullet points:

  • Biodegradable: The toilet paper tablets are made of bio-degradable material. This makes them environmentally friendly, and also easy to dispose of in the water system.
  • Flushable: The toilet paper tablets can be flushed down the toilet without clogging or damaging pipes because they dissolve quickly when exposed to water easily.
  • Carryable: Easily carryable the toilet paper tablets with you in a bag or purse and use them wherever needed.
  • Convenient: It is easier to carry toilet paper sheets because they are compacted, which makes them easy to carry around for emergencies.
  • Versatile: You can use the tablet as an emergency sheet if there is not any other type of toilet cleaner near your hand.
  • Cost-effective: The toilet paper tablets can be bought cheaply at any local grocery store and in bulk.

Note: But not easy to buy for everyone.

TP Tablets: Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of toilet paper tablets. These are:

  • Too expensive for many people.
  • Decreased toilet paper consumption may lead to increased waste and pollution.
  • Inconvenience of creating tablets in powder form, mixing with water, waiting 24 hours before use.
  • Increased risk for storage space due to bulk/size needed when purchasing TP tablet packages.

DIY Guide: How to Use Toilet Paper Tablets

To use toilet paper tablets, you need to:

  • Buy a package of toilet paper tablets (single or bulk).
  • Pour water on the tablet and wait 24 hours for it to dissolve. This will give you enough liquid solution for one flush.
  • Drop the desired amount of dissolved tablet into your toilet bowl before filling it with clean.
  • Make sure your toilet is completely flushed after use.
  • Repeat as needed with a new tablet and clean water every 24 hours or until the tablets are gone.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding toilet paper tablets:

– Are toilet paper tablets flushable?

Yes, toilet paper tablets are flushable and do not need to be sealed before flushing.

– What are the pros of using a tablet instead of a regular TP?

Tablets will remove odor from your disposal system because they dissolve in water. The advantage of this solution over traditional toilet tissue is that it is more economical and saves time.

– What are the disadvantages of using a toilet paper tablet?

A potential disadvantage that you may experience with toilet paper tablets is the lack of softness on your bottom, as they do not have any added fabric softener or water to help soften them up.

– How often should I use the A Toilet Paper Tablet?

It is recommended that you insert one tablet per flush.

– What are the uses of toilet paper tablets?

Toilet Paper Tablets can be used in many different areas, such as industrial facilities with septic systems or RV’s without sewer pipes and toilets at home for when guests come over to stay. They also make a great tool while camping to keep the wilderness toilet clean.

– What are some other advantages of using toilet paper tablets?

Some other advantageous features that you may experience with toilet paper tablets are that they do not have any additional fragrances or perfumes in them, and their packaging is recyclable.

– Why should I use Toilet Paper Tablets? Are there any special benefits of it?

There are many benefits of using toilet paper tablets. One is that they do not have any additional fragrances or perfumes in them, and their packaging is recyclable. They also make a great tool while camping to keep the wilderness toilet clean. Another benefit would be that you can flush one tablet per flush which means less usage of water. Lastly, toilet paper tablets are less expensive than traditional rolls of toilet paper and they do not take up as much space in your home or bathroom

– What is the best way to use Toilet Paper Tablets?

The best way to use a toilet paper tablet is by placing it on the backside of what you would put inside in an easy way to hold it in place.

– How do Toilet Paper Tablets Work?

Toilet paper tablets are water-soluble which means they will dissolve and flush down the toilet when you use a toilet for disposal. Once dissolved, all that is left behind would be a small tablet of soap to keep things clean at your home or office so there is incredible sanitation.

– What is the best way to dispose of Toilet Paper Tablets?

The most common ways for disposing of toilet paper tablets are flushing them down your toilet, throwing them in a garbage can or recycling bin, and burying it outside if you have an area that would allow this. You could also throw it in the trash but be sure it is a trash can that is not an automatic, self-flushing type of system.

TP Tablet vs Wet Wipes

It is important to know the difference between wet wipes and toilet paper tablets because they have different functions in society today. Wet wipes are for easy cleanups while toilet paper tablets are for when you need more than just a quick wipe down on your hands or other stuff.


Toilet Paper Tablets are a great way to dispose of toilet paper when you don’t have access to something else, but it is better to use wet wipes for general cleaning.

There are many ways people can and do usually go about disposing of their toilet paper tablets. The most common methods include flushing them down your toilet or throwing them in the trash.