The toilet paper industry has been around for a long time, and it seems like everyone can’t live without it these days. But what did people use before toilet paper? This article will talk about some of the different things that were used instead of what we have now. Here are four examples:

  • The Sears Roebuck catalog was used as bathroom reading material.
  • A newspaper was often used to wipe oneself clean after using the restroom
  • If you had access to trees, leaves were another alternative.
  • Charcoal from burned wood or twigs could be rubbed on your skin to remove any unwanted dirt or grime.

What is Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper, or TP for short, is a basic necessity in today’s society. But what exactly is toilet paper?

The best way to describe it would be a sheet of tissue-like material that we use as an alternative to the materials described above. It was not until 1857 when Joseph Gayetty created what we know today as “toilet paper”. He called his invention “Gayetty’s medicated papers.” The first commercialized toilet tissues were made by Northern Tissue Company and Kimberly Clark who both produced their brands around 1900. In 1925 Charmin introduced its brand with two different versions – soft and thick. These are just some of the many inventions that have been offered over time since people started using paper.

But What Did People Use Before Toilet Paper?

Already we have a list of what people used before toilet paper, but what was the first option? Believe it or not, the answer is in our mouths. It’s called a piece of cloth and for many years this has been a way to cleanse oneself after using the bathroom. The earliest reference to using rags as personal hygiene products dates back to 3500 BC China when they were used during childbirth by Greek midwives around 600 AD.

In America don’t be surprised if you find out that Native Americans use plants such as sumac leaves and Mormon tea (leaves) to wipe themselves off too—it’s all-natural! In Europe, things like mosses and plant roots have also been popular alternatives at one time or another. And there are even reports about some people in India using water and a frond of the white palm tree to clean themselves.

In northern Europe, Vikings used pieces of sheepskin from animals they had killed for this very purpose, which was also popular amongst many other countries. The tradition goes back centuries as commoners would often use animal skins or fats to help remove waste matter after visiting the outhouse during medieval times. Some people say that what we know today as toilet paper is derived from old rags due to their quality being similar – and even better than what it replaced!

When Modern Toilet Paper Invented?

The modern toilet paper was invented in 1857 by two New York businessmen. They felt that the market was missing out on a product and this would be perfect for what they were thinking about, so they formed their own company called The Albany Perforating Company to start making toilet paper.

In recent years there has been an increase of people looking back at old traditions like using water or leaves instead of toilet paper which is believed to have health benefits such as preventing hemorrhoids because it prevents dryness. This is just one example of why many feel we never needed toilet paper when you consider all the alternatives available!

The Best Brand of Toilet Paper

There are lots of brands available in the market. But what is the best brand of toilet paper? Are you looking for a bargain, or are you looking to invest in the best toilet paper?

  • Charmin Ultra Soft – One of the softest and yet strongest toilet papers available on the market. It is also easy to tear off by hand without any difficulty when required. This makes it very popular among those who find that tissue can sometimes be too thin which means it tears easily while using.
  • Quilted Northern Ultra Plush – Provides an ultra-smooth texture against your skin because of its extra thickness so there’s no need to worry about irritation here! They have added Aloe Vera extracts within this product making it gentle on your skin as well as moisturizing at the same time.
  • Scott 1000 Sheets Toilet Paper – This product is made from one of the most luxurious and durable papers on the market. It has a very high capacity to absorb liquid and it also has an odorless feature that allows you to enjoy using this tissue without worrying about unpleasant smells coming out.
  • Charmin Ultra Strong – For those who are looking for toilet paper that doesn’t tear, have sensitive skin, or notice any irritation when they use their current brand then Charmin ultra strong TP may be what you need! They want customers to feel clean while maintaining all-around comfort so make sure to give them a try if these problems are something that concerns you.


We hope you knew enough about the world of toilet paper. What did people use before toilet paper? We hope that you have a new appreciation for what can make life on the throne more comfortable and enjoyable, without needing to worry about germs or any other unpleasantries.

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