It doesn’t matter how clean you are, or how well you maintain your toilet, sooner or later it will stop flushing. This is a problem that plagues many households and can be frustrating to fix. Luckily for you, we have the solution! In this blog post, we will discuss how to fix a toilet with details step-by-step instructions. We’ll also give you a list of tools that are needed for this project so all you need to do is follow along!

Toilet Cleaning Tools List

Here is a full list of tools that are needed to clean a toilet:

  • Toilet brush.
  • Bucket with a tight lid.
  • Scrubbing pad or dishcloth.
  • Kitchen sponge.
  • Bleach wipes (for toilets that have hard water).
  • Paper towels and disinfectant wipe for cleaning up the seat.

Optional Tools

  • Plunger
  • Gloves
  • Small rug to put under your work area.

Step by Step Guide on How To Fix A Toilet

First things first, you’ll need to remove the tank cover from the base of your toilet bowl. So, it’s ready for disassembly. Use an adjustable wrench or pliers to loosen the nuts holding this in place until they’re removed entirely. If there are any hoses attached these will also need to be removed.

Next, you’ll need to remove the toilet bowl from the base of your toilet. This will require loosening a bolt that is in place with an Allen wrench or pliers and then lifting it until it’s free of its mounting brackets on both sides. You may also want to use a small rug under this area so as not to damage any flooring if there are screws left behind when removing the bolts which used for attaching the seat cover onto might be removed (this depends on how often this has been done).

Now that we got everything off one side, now turn around and do it for another side too! Now you can see what needs workin’ on inside of here. If there are clogs like hair or other debris, try using a plunger first. If that doesn’t work then you may need to use the toilet auger from your local hardware store. It’s best if it’s positioned about four inches in and flushed quickly with relatively heavy pressure so as not to spin too much water into the bowl before plunging again after giving some time for any additional clogs to be removed by suction.

If neither of these solutions works then you’ll have no choice but to replace your old toilet seat cover with a new one. You can find them at most stores like Home Depot which carry plumbing supplies such as toilets!

Once this is done, all that remains is putting everything back together while making sure nothing was left behind and turn on the water.

How To Fix A Sloppy Flush?

First, try plunging it with cold water using as much force as you can muster. If this doesn’t work then use an auger from your local hardware store which should be positioned about four inches in. After some time has passed for clogs that are removed suction, plunge again before finishing up and making sure nothing was left behind.

The final result is a toilet that functions properly saves you from future disasters, and doesn’t cost as much to fix!

How To Fix A Running Toilet?

First, try plunging it with cold water using all your might. If this still isn’t enough then use an auger from the store which should be positioned about four inches in. After some time has passed for clogs that have been removed suction, plunge again before finishing up and making sure nothing was left behind. The result is a toilet that does not leak and works efficiently saving both time and money!

How to Fix A Toilet That Is Leaking?

There are many causes for a toilet that is leaking. One reason could be faulty seals, loose connections inside or outside, and even cracked bowl parts. The problem with these leaks is they can lead to expensive water bills as well as structural damage in your home when left unchecked. There are four ways you can fix it yourself without hiring an expert: use wax ring sealant around where the new flange will attach; replace all three bolts with tooth washers on both sides; tighten nuts using two wrenches; remove old screws and reinstall them at 180 degrees apart so there’s no gap between the hinges and tank lid!

How To Fix A Toilet Frozen Pipe?

It’s not always easy to know how to fix a toilet frozen pipe. If you’re not sure, here are some simple steps that can help: turn off the water at your home’s main valve; open all faucets and use hot tap water or heating pads to thaw it out slowly over time (never use boiling water because this might cause damage); if possible, place a heat lamp near the affected area for extra warming in cold climates.

How To Clean A Toilet Sink Drain?

One way of cleaning up after kitchen spills is by using a plunger on the toilet sink drain while someone stands outside waiting patiently with an empty bucket! But there are other options too – one being placing aluminum foil under the p-trap where it meets the drain pipe. So, you may want to try one of these ideas if your toilet sink drain is clogged.

How To Fix A Slow Toilet Flush?

You may not always notice a slow flush, but it can happen for various reasons such as low pressure or an air bubble in the line between the tank and bowl. This causes less water to be flushed at once which will lead to a slower and weaker flow that often leaves debris behind on top of the water rather than down below. If this happens, here are some steps you should take: Check how long it flushes; turn off the power supply; remove the back cover from the tank; replace rubber washers with new ones; add silicone sealant where needed. Here we are going to explain how to fix a faulty slow flush.

Once you have tracked how long it takes to flush, turn off the power supply and take the back cover from the tank. At this point, check if rubber washers are in place and replace them with new ones or add silicone sealant where needed. Fill up the tank with water until it reaches a level that is an inch over what will be inside of it when flushed and then open both shut-off valves completely for about 15 seconds before replacing all parts onto their original position. Check if there’s any change; otherwise, contact your plumber as soon as possible because you may need some more serious repairs done on your toilet without knowing about them beforehand!

How to Fix A Leaky Toilet Flush?

If you find a leak in your toilet flush, then you should fix it. But how can you do it? Here is a short guideline on how to fix a leaky toilet flush.

  • First, shut off the water supply and check your connection pipes from the side of the tank for any leaks.
  • If you find no leaks then tighten up all bolts on connections at least one turn more than it is already tightened before turning back on the water supply.
  • Check again if there are still any signs of leakage; otherwise, contact a plumber right away because this could mean that other parts need replacing too!


You may get more problems with your toilet to fix. Here are just some examples. So, if you get any other problems that are not on the list, better you can read our other how-to guide article. If you don’t find your solution to your problem, feel free to write us to give you a quick solution.