Mansfield toilets are reliable and affordable. They come with a variety of features, including comfortable seats, elongated bowls, and more. But just like any other product in the world, Mansfield Toilet Parts need to be replaced or repaired from time to time. That can be difficult if you don’t know what part you’re looking for!

Luckily we’ve compiled a list of all the parts for Mansfield toilet models so that you’ll never have trouble finding it again!

Mansfield Toilet Parts List

Here is a common list of the Mansfield product list. But not the final. They add new products occasionally.

  • Mansfield Flush Valve Parts.
  • Mansfield Fill Valve Parts.
  • Mansfield Overflow Assembly Parts.
  • Mansfield Seat Cover & Rim Kit for Rough-In, 12″ – 14″ rough in models only (part numbers are available by contacting customer service).
  • Mansfield Tank Cover.
  • Mansfield Toilet Brush Set.
  • Mansfield Lever Handle Replacement Parts – Oil Rubbed Bronze Models Only.
  • Tireless Flush Valve for Rough-In w/ 12″ to 14″ rough in models.
  • Mansfield toilet.
  • Tank parts.
  • Mansfield toilet flush valves
  • Mansfield Toilet Flapper Parts – Dual Action Ballcock for Rough-In w/ 12″ to 14″ rough in models.
  • Mansfield Toilet Fill Valve Parts – Riser Hose Trim, Lever Handle Trim, & Tank Cover Trim Models only.
  • Mansfield toilet tank parts.
  • Mansfield Toilet Tank Lid.
  • Mansfield Toilet Flush Handle Parts – Round Models only.
  • Mansfield fill valve, overflow assembly, and seat cover replacement parts for transitional models 12″ to 14″ rough in height only. Contact customer service with part numbers required.
  • And much more.

History of Mansfield Parts Store

Mansfield toilet parts store started the journey from a small-town store in Mansfield, Texas. The company relocated to Dallas and grew as the success of toilet parts became apparent.

– Mansfield Toilet Repair Parts Store was founded in 1971 by John Roper when he opened his first location on Midway Road.

– As awareness for this new business model increased through word of mouth marketing.

– From 2008, Mansfield started their online store and saw an enormous expansion of customers.

– Today, Mansfield is a thriving company that has expanded to six locations with more than 20 full-time employees.

– You can now get toilet parts from their online store as well as through phone orders or at one of their stores near you.

Specialty of Mansfield Toilet Parts

Do you know what is the specialty of this toilet store? If you know, that is fine, but if not, here are some:

– Mansfield Toilet Parts Store is a leading supplier of toilet parts for all major brands.

– From their online store, you can buy repair kits and find the right part when it’s needed with ease.

– Additionally, they offer special discounts on purchases made in conjunction with other products found at local stores or through phone orders.

– Mansfield’s product is so much different from other manufacturers for two simple reasons: Mansfield is back to basics and they have been making toilet parts longer.

– They are also committed to the prevention of pollution through the use of lead-free materials in all their products.

Key Points: The store offers a wide range of repair kits, along with discounts on purchases made in USA & Canada stores.


We hope you learn enough about Mansfield toilet parts from this article. We have tried to cover everything you need to know about Mansfield products and the benefits they provide when it comes to your plumbing needs.

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