Many people like the convenience of recessed toilet paper holders. They make it easy to access TP without having to bend down and they can even be installed in the wall for a clean, finished look that will match any bathroom decor. Recessed TP holders also allow you to use mega rolls with no issues!

What is Recessed Toilet Paper Holder?

A recessed toilet paper holder is a convenient, low-maintenance way to store your toilet paper. Recessed holders can be installed in the wall for a clean and finished look that will match any bathroom decor or they may hang from the ceiling with installation brackets on either side of the roll.

Recessed toilet paper holder installation

It’s a cinch to install the recessed TP holder. Once you have removed your old one, just measure for the new one and mark where it will be drilled or mounted on the wall. Drill holes in two of the four corners first so that they can be used as guides when installing screws into those same spots on the backside of the shelving unit/wallboard. The next step is to nail a piece of plywood (with some pre-drilled pilot hole holes) over these mounting locations with nails at least 12 inches long; this helps keep everything sturdy while you work inside below! After securing with glue, wire mesh, and corner braces, install the new recessed toilet paper holder and then remove the protective covering.

What are some advantages of installing a recessed TP holder?

The main advantage is convenience! Since these types of holders sit flush against the back wall, you never have to bend down for TP anymore which takes away one more hassle when going to pee. Another great benefit is that it completely hides your roles so things don’t get messy if you’ve got kids running around or pets who like exploring everything in sight. Plus, since there’s no more bending down, this is a great low-maintenance way to store your toilet paper.

What are some disadvantages of installing recessed TP holders?

One disadvantage may be that if you’re OCD about how things look in the bathroom (like I am) then it might bother you because there’s no more decorative cover for your rolls which makes them seem less presentable than they would be with an exposed holder. Another disadvantage is that installation can take time unless you have someone else do it and even so, it still requires wall space or mounting hardware on either side of the roll which isn’t always easy to come by.

How much does a recessed TP holder cost?

These types of holders generally range from $20-$30 but some can be more expensive depending on the brand.

What are some benefits of installing a recessed TP holder?

The main benefit is that it won’t take up any extra space in your bathroom and you save money because there’s no need to purchase another roll when one runs out since they’re all being stored at once. Installation costs vary but average around $20-$30 which still isn’t bad considering how much time and effort goes into installation vs just buying a new roll every so often. Another advantage would be if you have little kids who like to play or get dirty then this type of holder might help deter them from messing with their toilet paper rolls by making them less accessible than an exposed holder would be.

Top 5 Best Recessed TP Holders

There are many different styles of recessed TP holders to choose from, but these three have proven themselves as some of the Best Recessed Toilet Paper Holders on the Market! Check them out below:

1. The Kohler K-3481

This is a recessed toilet paper holder that has all of the necessary features you could want from one. It’s stainless steel and easy to install which makes it more durable than some other options on the market, but at an average price point (around $50). One thing I like best about this TP holder is that it can be mounted for either left or right-handed use – always nice when someone installs something in your bathroom! And as you might expect with anything having to do with plumbing, there are no worries with corroding or rusting over time; this unit will last as long as your home does!

2. The Moen Hensley Pullout Recess Paper Holder

This is another best-recessed toilet paper holder that you will like. It’s also stainless steel and has a sleek brushed nickel finish. It can hold just about any size of toilet paper, whether it is one large mega roll or two smaller rolls. And installation takes only minutes with the included mounting hardware – a nice plus for those who don’t like to put in lots of hard work when installing things!

An extra benefit that this recessed TP holder offers over some others on the market is an integrated soap dispenser which makes washing up after using the restroom much easier than before. Many people report being very happy with this unit because all they have to do is push down on the lever at the front to dispense liquid soap from where you need it most (no more reaching into tight corners).

3. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder with Soap Dispenser

This is a great recessed toilet paper holder for those who want to have an integrated soap dispenser on their fixture.

What makes this unit different from the other two that we’ve discussed so far? Well, many benefits come along with having a soap dispenser right next to your roll of TP. For one thing, it’s much easier when you need some liquid hand wash – all you do is push down on the lever, and voila! The soap stream hits where you need it most instead of requiring any reaching into tight corners or doing anything else which may be difficult if your hands are already wet and slippery (for obvious reasons). This feature also keeps folks from having to make a trip for more soap while they’re in the middle of using it.

The installation process is also fairly easy, and you can even use this unit with mega-sized rolls that are not typically compatible with other brands’ recessed toilet paper holders.

All in all, if you want something convenient and low-maintenance (and has an integrated soap dispenser), then this may be just what you need!

4. Design House Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

The Design House Store Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is conveniently recessed (to save space) and has a built-in soap dispenser for easy cleaning. If you’re looking for an affordable, durable option that won’t break the bank or take up tons of room in your bathroom then this may be just what you need! It can hold either single or double-roll toilet paper rolls, making it perfect for anyone with a smaller family who doesn’t go through as much TP each month.

Design House’s Recessed Toilet Paper Holder saves floor space while effortlessly accommodating any size of standard one-ply or two-ply toilet paper when they are installed side by side – which means less reaching into tight corners to get more TP!

5. Gatco Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

This is our fifth selection of recessed toilet paper holders, and it’s one of our favorites! The Gatco Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is made with durable steel construction that stands up to the wear and tear of everyday use in any commercial or residential setting. It also has an anti-microbial additive that guards against bacteria growth – perfect for those who want cleaner hands after using the loo!

It can hold either single or double-roll toilet paper rolls, making it perfect for anyone with a smaller family who doesn’t go through as much TP each month.

One minor inconvenience might be how you have to remove some of your existing bathroom hardware if you decide on this particular model (others don’t require such action) but rest assured installation is a quick and painless process!

With the Gatco Recessed Toilet Paper Holder, you’ll have convenience AND style – what more could you ask for in your next TP holder?

This blog post discusses how to choose recessed toilet paper holders. It also highlights our top pick among various brands of recessed toilet paper holders: The Gatco Recessed Toilet Paper Holder.


Let’s wrap up the article.

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, recessed toilet paper holders are perfect for smaller homes that don’t go through as much TP each month! Your search is over and the Gatco Recessed Toilet Paper Holder will be a great addition to your home. Installation is simple and quick with this model so it won’t take up too much of your time when installing and removing the holder from your wall or tiled floor. If you have any questions about our other recommendations check out “What’s the Best Recessed Toilet Paper Holder?” Good luck in finding what works best for you!