The Kohler Company is a well-known manufacturer of quality bathroom fixtures that are designed to last for years. They specialize in products like bathtubs, showers, and sinks. One product type they manufacture is the handheld shower, which can be used as an alternative to traditional large overhead rain head showerheads. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a Kohler handheld shower over other types of showers.

What is the Hand held Shower?

We all know that Kohler is a company that specializes in quality bathroom fixtures, and they are one of the leading manufacturers of showerheads. The handheld shower is just another product on their list of products available to consumers. This type of showerhead does not require a wall or ceiling installation like traditional rain head showers do which makes them an attractive option for some people looking to save space in smaller spaces or who have trouble reaching up high.

Benefits of Using a Handheld Shower

There are a few benefits to using this type of showerhead, and the Kohler company produces one of the best models on the market. The first benefit is that they do not require any installation which means there will be no need for hiring an electrician or plumber in order to get it up and running like with traditional showers. These types of showers also offer mobility as you can take them from room to room without having to worry about finding an outlet each time because they plug into your regular wall outlets just like other appliances such as hair dryers would.

Pros and Cons

You can read the positive and negative sides of this shower from here:

The Kohler company uses a patented shower head with various settings that are operated by touch-sensitive buttons for ease of use and to prevent issues such as water leakage, power loss, or broken switches which can be problematic with traditional showers where you would push on knobs to change the pressure and temperature.

To sum up:


  • Uses touchscreen technology; no installation required; doesn’t need an outlet each time it is moved from room to room.


  • Requires batteries (which will eventually have to be replaced) so there may be some downtime if they run out while in use.


Q: How does it work?

A: If you’ve never seen a handheld shower before, they look like regular showers but the water comes out a long hose and you can stand in one place to get wet. The way it works is that there are holes at the bottom of the tub which allow water to come up into your hands when turned on.

Q: Where to buy a Kohler shower?

A: The best place to buy a Kohler handheld shower is on Amazon because they have great deals and fast shipping for this item.

Q: Does my home need any specific requirements before I can install it?

A: No, it does not have any special requirements.

Q: How to install a handheld shower?

A: Installation of a handheld shower is very easy, and just like installing any other plumbing in your house. The hardest part might be to get it up high enough before you seal it all up with silicone caulk.

Q: How often should I clean my Kohler Handheld Shower?

A: You will want to make sure that you are cleaning your Kohler Handheld Shower every month or so because living without one can lead to some pretty nasty things happening in your bathroom- from mildew growth on walls and floors to increasing infections for those who have weak immune systems such as kids!

Q: Can you add a handheld shower to an existing shower?

A: No. Kohler’s handheld showers are designed to be used in conjunction with a showerhead and cannot replace an existing one.

Q: Can you stand up in the Kohler Handheld Shower?

A: Yes, it can be made so that you can stand under the flow of water if that is what would suit your needs best. This particular Kohler handheld shower has been installed for someone who disabled their foot when they were younger fighting overseas- this way he didn’t have to bend down as far when bathing himself!


Kohler’s Hand Held Shower Review. If you are considering a new shower, then this review is for you! We will discuss the pros and cons of this product to help you make an informed decision about your purchase. For example, we found that it has a strong water flow but there was some leakage after heavy use. Come back next time for more information on buying showers from leading brands like Kohler!