Money toilet paper? Yes! These are rolls of money that have been wrapped in toilet paper to make a creative and practical gift. In this blog post, you will learn how to make your money roll gift box with just a few simple supplies. This is a great DIY for the holidays or any time you need an original gift idea.

What is The Money Toilet Paper?

Money toilet paper is a roll of money that has been wrapped in toilet paper. It is a creative and practical gift for anyone on your list, even those who seem to have everything they need!

How do you make Money Toilet Paper?

To make money toilet paper, all you will need are:

  • A roll of cash (any denomination)
  • An old towel or shirt
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure (optional but helpful)

The first step is unwinding the entire roll so it can lay flat like this picture. You may want to use a tape measure if it’s difficult to tell how long each strip should be. Take note of where the end of one strip meets up with another–this will help you later when you’re taping them together.

The next step is to cut the money into long strips using scissors or a sharp utility knife. You’ll want about two inches of overlap for each strip so that when they are taped up later on there won’t be any gaps in between! When cutting off the extra pieces (the ends), make sure to leave enough excess at the end where it will meet up with another piece, otherwise, your toilet paper tube might not fit back around like a roll again. Again use a tape measure if needed-you don’t want too much overlap but also need enough room to wrap around and securely seal everything shut.

Now all you have left to do is start wrapping those pieces around one another–just as though you were wrapping a present. Get it all nice and tight so the money will be secure inside without slipping out.

You’ve now made your DIY gift box for toilet paper! Using some extra ribbon, wrap it around the tube to hide any raw edges or areas of overlap that might not have been lined up as well as they could have been._

Please note: if you’re gifting this money roll gift box idea, make sure to tell them where the money came from (i.e., “this is my hard-earned cash!”) 🙂

How to Make a Money Roll Gift Box

How to make a money roll gift box swiping wealth away my hard-earned cash stuff I wish someone would have told me when I was younger ladies, if you are reading this blog post, I want to tell y’all that it’s not too late for you.

If you’re like me and have been saving money your whole life, but just haven’t figured out what to do with it yet or how come the opportunities always seem to pass by without anything happening.

  • To make the toilet paper money roll, start by taking rolls of dollar bills and wrapping them in toilet paper.
  • Wrap just like you would wrap any other gift or package.
  • Be sure to leave some length at both ends so that it can be tied together later with ribbon or string.
  • Don’t worry about how many sheets are used – this is an easy project!

You Will Need

  • Toilet Paper Rolls (any size)
  • Dollar Bills (any denomination)
  • String, Ribbon, or Twine
  • Scissors


Here are the instructions to make the gift box:

  • Untie one end of your roll from the middle section to create two loops for tying off later on. You will have one long roll and one smaller loop.
  • Cut a length of string, ribbon, or twine to about two inches (or more if you want it longer). Tie the end around both loops to secure them together for tying off later on; Remember not to use too much of your money!
  • Fold toilet paper over ends and between loops like an accordion until there is only enough left at the top that can be folded in half again. Unfold those last few folds as though they were glued down with a glue stick so they stay put while you finish wrapping up the rest. Now fold each side inward toward its center crease – this will help keep everything neat when finished… Sew or tape securely shut the final opening at bottom of the tube. Finish with a bow or fancy ribbon.
  • Toilet paper money rolls can be made ahead of time and stored for convenient stocking stuffer gifts this Christmas!


Where to Buy Money Toilet Paper?

You can buy money toilet paper from Amazon, or a similar online shop. Even you can buy it from your nearest physical shop.

Buying Tips: Money Toilet Paper

Here are some tips to buy the best money toilet paper for your bathroom:

  • Always buy toilet paper with Charmin.
  • Double check the rolls for money and enjoy!


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