Frog toilet paper holders are a great way to make your bathroom more functional and beautiful! Frog has been around since the early 1900s and is still one of the most popular brands in America. A frog TP holder can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles- so you will be able to find something that fits your taste.

This article will focus on the Frog Toilet Paper Holder by way of review as well as installation instructions. If you’re considering getting this item for your own home or business, read on!

What is Toilet Paper Holder?

A toilet paper holder is a device that holds the toilet paper so it can be pulled from below. The most common type of toilet paper holder is the standard, wall-mounted variety. They are made to hold one roll of toilet paper and may or may not have an extra storage compartment for things like spare rolls of TP, tissues, and other bathroom supplies.

Features of Frog Toilet Paper Holder

There are lots of features of the Frog Toilet Paper Holder. It is a durable metal that holds the toilet paper from below, and it has an additional shelf for storage purposes. The Frog Prince will look great in your bathroom or even on any wall of your home!

Let’s see few more extra features:

  • Number one toilet paper holder for bathroom.
  • Sturdy and durable material.
  • Powder-coated metal finishes in a traditional black color.
  • For use with standard-sized toilet tissue rolls up to four inches wide. May also be used as an organizer for other small items such as hand soap, lotion, or toothpaste, etc.
  • Holds one roll of toilet paper securely without slipping off the front or back rim of the storage container – no more wraps that are too short!
  • It is guaranteed not to rust regardless of how many times it’s washed because it has been made from high-grade quality steel. The product can hold any type of toilet tissue including scented, recycled, and unbleached varieties (although we recommend using scented or recycled for best results).
  • The design is made to fit most standard-sized toilets and can be mounted with the included hardware on either side of your toilet tank. Mounting screws are also provided if you wish to mount it in a different place such as behind a door, cabinet, or another surface.
  • The mounted frog sits at a great height for children to reach, and features an easy-to-grip flange that prevents them from touching the toilet paper.
  • The Frog TP Holder is also decorative – it’s made of powder-coated steel with a high-quality finish.
  • We hope you’re convinced by this point that installing your own Frog Toilet Paper Holder will make your bathroom cleaner, more functional, and better organized! Before we get into our installation instructions (you’ll need two people) let’s go over what makes the holder different than other holders on the market:
  • This product can hold any type of toilet tissue including scented or recycled varieties while still providing everything else listed in its description. This design is both stylish and functional for adults and kids alike.

Frog Toilet Paper Holder Installation Process

It is not hard to install the Frog toilet paper holder. Here are the steps:

  • Remove any and all existing holders from your current space, including adhesive foam or other removable material that may be used to keep a more traditional roll in place.
  • Position Frog near where you want it to hang. The keyhole must face outward for this type of installation (the hole on the top of the frog).
  • Drill two holes into both drywall/wood studs with an appropriately sized drill bit – one at least 12 inches above where you hung Frog, and another no less than 18″ below it but higher if possible; these will form anchor points for Frog’s screws later on.
  • Insert anchors provided by the manufacturer through drilled holes and use washers as necessary to create a tight, secure fit.
  • Screw Frog into anchors with screws provided by the manufacturer and tighten securely (use washers as necessary).
  • Hang toilet paper roll on Frog’s screw hooks. If you can’t do it, you can ask for a technician to do it for you.

The Most Positive Sides of Frog Toilet Paper Holders are:

  • Frog Toilet Paper Holders are very easy to install, even for people who don’t know how to do handy work.
  • It has a distinctive look and design that will give your bathroom an overhaul.
  • Frog-style toilets come from the traditional Japanese culture and they’re great for increasing balance, fortitude, and equilibrium; these benefits make up for all the negatives that may arise in the installation process or other negative aspects such as breaking parts.
  • The Frog Toilet Paper Holder is not just a stylish fixture in your bathroom, but it will also give you the benefits of using this style of toilet.
  • Frogs are known for their peaceable disposition, and that’s why Frog Toilet Paper Holders are designed to be peaceful as well by providing an easy installation process.

The Most Negative Sides of Frog Toilet Paper Holders are:

  • If you’re not careful about the installation process or there is unforeseen damage/postponement in installation, it may result in a breakage of the toilet paper holder structure. This could lead to injury and property loss if someone were standing at the base screw hook when they broke off from its anchor point because all weight would then be placed on their hands rather than something more solid like concrete flooring; this also applies if they were gripping the toilet paper holder with their hands.


The Frog Toilet Paper Holder is an interesting design. We’ve all seen toilet paper holders that are boring and the same shape, but this one stands out among the rest with its unique frog design! It comes in a few different colors so it will match any bathroom décor too. This way your guests can choose their favorite color to put on display next to the toilet for easy access while using the restroom. If you have a child who loves frogs or anything animal-related, they would love to see this quirky fixture every time they go potty! What do you think of our newest blog post? Let us know by commenting below or following us on Twitter at @ToiletEver.