If you are looking for a toilet paper holder that is durable, elegant, and easy to clean, the brass toilet paper holder might be perfect for you. This article will review what a brass toilet paper holder is, how it works, and its benefits.

This Post Includes

  • Definition of a Brass Toilet Paper Holder
  • Features of a Brass Toilet Paper Holder
  • Benefits of having one in your home
  • Pros & Cons
  • Installation of Brass TP Holder
  • Conclusion

What is The Brass Toilet Paper Holder?

A brass toilet paper holder is a piece of hardware that holds the roll of toilet tissue up. This article will review how it works and what benefits come with owning one in your home.

Features of a Brass Toilet Paper Holder

The TP holder comes with screws, installation instructions, and mounting hardware to make it as simple as possible for anyone to install them without having any previous construction experience needed. Cleaning is also made easier thanks to brass not being a porous material meaning almost anything can be wiped off easily; additionally, there’s an added varnish finish put on at production time that helps keep fingerprints from showing up too much thus allowing one single cloth wipe down every once in a while to keep it looking shiny.

Note: Keep in mind, the brass toilet paper holder is going to be heavier than other materials so plan on anchoring it into studs if you’re installing this close to carpet or tiling as they might not hold up well over time because of their inability to handle weight/pressure.

What are The Benefits?

The most significant benefit to having a brass TP Holder installed in your bathroom is the way they look aesthetically pleasing while also being durable, elegant, and easy to clean. Brass fixtures have an old-world charm about them which brings warmth together with sophistication to any room you put them in; additionally, they don’t show fingerprints or water spots like some other finishes do so cleaning this type of fixture takes less time than others would take! Another great additional advantage comes from not having to worry too much about the fixture becoming a target for theft. Brass is less desirable than other metals like gold or silver so the chances of this happening are very small which means you can breathe easy knowing that your toilet paper holder will likely never be compromised by thieves in the middle of the night!

Pros & Cons

Every product has some positive and negative sides. So this one is also the same. Here are some pros and cons of Brass toilet paper holders.


  • The most important advantage of a brass toilet paper holder is that it’s simple to clean.
  • low maintenance, resistant to corrosion and doesn’t rust so easily, less likely to be stolen, a classic look that goes well with any bathroom décor.


  • The metal can tarnish over time due to humidity levels in your home or office environment).

DIY Guide: Brass Toilet Paper Installation

Here is an easy process to install the Brass toilet paper holder. Let’s see what is included here:

  • A toilet paper holder can be mounted on the side of a wall, or flush with a flat surface. If it is to be mounted flush with the wall, pre-drill holes for screws and fasten securely into place. If it is being installed in an existing space (like under cabinets) use adhesive anchors if possible so that no damage will occur to your walls from installation.
  • Determine where you want your new brass toilet paper holder to go by measuring its height against the tallest person who might need access’s reach in order to grab more toilet tissue off of it. The average arm’s length reaches about 60 inches high when standing up straight – this would mean mounting any future brass toilet paper holders at least at 60-inches high.
  • For a more decorative look, mount the brass toilet paper holder on top of a mirror to reflect light and create depth in your bathroom decorating scheme. This is also an excellent idea if you want to add some height or dimension to your existing space without installing new walls, mirrors are perfect for this!
  • If there is not enough wall area near the vanity with which to install any future brass toilet paper holders mounted flush against its surface then one might need to use appropriate fasteners (screws) so that it can be hung from studs already present in that particular installation’s wall structure. ­Preferably these screws would go into place before any other steps were taken in order for them to be concealed behind the brass toilet paper holder.


The TP Holder will bring an element of class and elegance that most think about when dealing with bathrooms thanks mostly due to its beautiful polished brass exterior paired with its clean-lined design; additionally adding character but also functions as a great tool for any bathroom renovation project!