Bemis has been a leading name in the toilet hardware industry for over 100 years. For that reason, they’re a trusted brand with an extensive line of quality products. One of their most popular lines is the Bemis toilet seat hinges. In this article, we will discuss what Bemis toilet seat hinges are and how to install them on your own!

What is Bemis Toilet Seat Hinges?

A Bemis toilet seat hinge is a metal attachment that attaches to the underside of your bathroom’s existing toilet seat. This makes it possible for you to install your replacement hinges without having to hire a professional. These hinges can be found in hardware stores or on Amazon, and they come with detailed instructions!

Bemis Toilet Seat Installation

When installing this type of hinge, make sure you place the right side inside the left so that both sides are evenly aligned. You will want one screw through each hole into either sink but not too tight as if anything loosens up tighten them down again until snugly fit together then insert two screws from underneath the edges where there was no hole and then tighten.

Here is the step-by-step guide to install Bemis toilet seat hinges:

  • Remove the toilet seat from your toilet tank.
  • Choose a hinge and make sure you have one of each type for both sides, this will be either metal or plastic hinges.
  • The left side is where the nut goes on top and screws underneath while the right-hand side has threads going down with nuts up at the top
  • So be careful when installing! Make sure to read instructions before installation which are usually found in brackets on the packaging. Always test fit them first.
  • If they don’t seem to go together then something’s wrong so take it apart again and try another set until you find one that does work well with other parts. If there are any issues get in touch with Bemis customer service who can help you.
  • After installation, you should have the toilet seat and be able to set it back on the hinges easily without any problems. If there are some minor issues then just adjust them by hand until they’re perfect for your needs!
  • Some benefits of a Bemis toilet seat hinge is that it comes in metal and plastic with different levels of strength depending on how much weight you need so if one breaks or fails because something heavy was sat upon the wrong side, its easy enough to replace it as long as you know what type of material it is made out of first. They also come with an anti-slam feature that stops slamming from occurring when people get up off the toilet after using it – nobody wants their toothbrush getting knocked over by a slamming toilet seat!
  • In order for your Bemis hinge to work well, you need it to have the correct level of tension, and you also want to make sure that when someone is sitting on the toilet they can sit comfortably without having their legs stick out because there’s not enough room.
  • The installation methods include using bolts or screws – whichever one works best in each situation. There are two types: traditional hinges with pointed ends which go into pre-drilled holes before being screwed (usually plastic) or some models use large wing nuts so all you have to do is twist them until it is tight around the pipe underneath before tightening up any other parts like adjusting how high up the seat will be from near floor height. You might find it easier to use the wing nuts if you are unfamiliar with how a traditional bolt and screw work, as it is straightforward.
  • There are also different types of seat hinges like brass or stainless steel which will be more expensive than plastic ones because they last longer without breaking over time – plus some people might prefer them for their bathroom fixtures in general. For installation purposes, all models come with instructions that explain what tools you need, along with any other details about getting started on your project.


Bemis toilet seats have great customer ratings and reviews online demonstrating this brand has high-quality products; many find these better than Kohler toilet seats due to reliability and affordability-they’re much cheaper than most brands out there! They also offer several colors so there’s something for everyone.


If you’ve been struggling with finding the right toilet seat hinge for your bathroom, now is a good time to stop. The Ultimate Guide To Bemis Toilet Seat Hinges should be your go-to resource as we cover all of the basics and key differences between each style in this article. Whether it’s brass or plastic hinges that are best suited for your home, we have you covered! Keep reading our blog for more information about toilets and everything else related to plumbing fixtures.