Many homeowners who have a small bathroom are wondering what the best solution is for their needs. Some people think that adding an extra room to store the toilet would be the answer, but this may not even solve your problem. The best option is installing a Kohler wall-hung toilet! This fantastic invention has all of the benefits of having a regular toilet in your home without any of the downsides. With these toilets, you can have as much space as possible and still enjoy everything that comes with owning a traditional-style commode. There are so many reasons to love them!

Now that you know all about the many benefits of installing this type of toilet, it’s time to talk about what makes these particular toilets so fantastic.

What Makes These Types of Toilets So Fantastic? 

Kohler wall hung toilets can be installed in any space imaginable and they are available with both traditional back styles as well as compact models for more cramped spaces. They also come with ample water supply lines which means that you don’t have to worry about having an awkwardly placed tank or getting low on the water while using your bathroom! That is just one reason why homeowners love them! This may seem like common sense, but this does not affect the number of customers who purchase these types of toilets.

Kohler wall-hung toilets are perfect for houses with limited space and it is a great solution to installing a small bathroom in an old home. All you need is four feet by six feet, which isn’t difficult to find when remodeling or renovating your bathroom!

The Kohler Wall Hung Toilet has been proven through the years as being the most popular choice among homeowners looking for high quality at a competitive price! They also come available with plenty of innovative features like easy-to-clean structural glazes that do not allow bacteria growth, noiseless mounting hardware, and more. This makes them very appealing to consumers because they have so many benefits but consumers are drawn to these because they offer many benefits.

Wall-hung toilets are designed to be installed on a wall, instead of being mounted onto the floor. This type of toilet is perfect for small spaces because it can fold up against the wall when not in use!

What is Wall Hung Toilet?

The Kohler Wall Hung Toilet is an innovative option for people with limited space or those looking for high quality at competitive prices. These types of toilets come available with plenty of features that make them appealing like easy-to-clean structural glazes and noiseless mounting hardware. Consumers choose this solution as their favorite due to its benefits!

What Does “Wall Hung” Mean?

A wall-hung toilet rests on a strong metal frame that is mounted to the wall, rather than on a floor.

It’s helpful when there isn’t enough space for a traditional toilet or bathroom design that requires more storage inside. Wall-hung toilets are also commonly known as “wall-hung lavatories,” and they offer many benefits.

Benefits of Kohler Wall Hung Toilet

Kohler has been making commercial quality products since 1873! Their innovative designs have made them one of the most successful plumbing fixtures manufacturers in North America by providing quality at competitive prices. The Kohler wall-hung toilet comes with plenty of features that make it very appealing including easy to clean structural glazes and noiseless mounting hardware. Consumers choose this solution over others due to its benefits!

Here are some bullet points of benefits:

  • Easy to clean structural glazes.
  • Noiseless mounting hardware.
  • Higher water efficiency than many other models.
  • It’s easy to clean, noiseless and efficient.

The Kohler wall hung toilet is a traditional style that has been available in the market for years. You can also find these features on newer toilets but not at an affordable price! With its high-quality materials and construction, you will be able to use your bathroom every day with confidence knowing you made the right decision by choosing one of our top-rated products. If you’re looking for help replacing your current toilet, we have plenty more options.

DIY Guide: Kohler Wall Hung Toilet Installation

Well, if you want to install this toilet yourself, then and you will find it easy than expected.

  • You need to measure the height so that you can position your toilet at an appropriate location in the bathroom and also have enough space for clearance from pipes, cabinets, or any other obstruction under the sink.
  • Remove all obstructions on that area where your new toilet will be positioned including flooring if needed before installing a new one. Clearance must be as close to 18 inches above the top of the tank forward with no backing up against any wall or cabinet fixtures.

Install Kohler Wall Hung Toilet according to instructions provided by the manufacturer and make sure there is enough room for minimal water flow when flushed!

That is all. Fun!


Kohler Wall Hung Toilets are a popular choice for homeowners who have limited space in their bathrooms. But, what is the right size and shape of the toilet for your bathroom? If you’re not sure how to answer that question or if you just need some more information about wall-hung toilets in general, we can help! Our blog has everything from installation instructions to reviews on different brands so be sure to keep reading our content down the line if this topic interests you.