When it comes to elderly gifts, there is one that will always stand out. This raised toilet seat from CVS is the perfect gift for your aging loved ones who are experiencing difficulty with mobility. The raised toilet seat can be installed in a matter of minutes and offers many benefits like comfort, safety, and convenience. Find more information about this product below!

Benefits of A Raised Toilet Seat from CVS

There are lots of benefits of this toilet seat. Here are some:

  • Comfort: With the raised height, elders can sit more comfortably on their throne.
  • Safety: Elders who are experiencing difficulty with mobility will be able to reach and use the commode without ever having to squat or bend over. This prevents falls for those at risk.
  • Convenience: The raised design allows aging loved ones to enter and exit the bathroom independently by getting onto it like a chair then using it like normal afterward (no need for help). A clean surface is also provided which eliminates potentially dirty surfaces that could contribute to infection or cause injury.

I recommend the raised toilet seat from CVS for any aging loved one. It provides comfort, safety, and convenience to those who need it most while also providing a clean surface.

Raised Toilet Seat From CVS: The Best Elderly Gift

The best gift you can give an elderly person is something that will help them with their daily life; specifically, in the bathroom. With this raised toilet seat from CVS, they’ll be able to sit comfortably on their throne without worrying about falling or getting injured by dirty surfaces-making it easier than ever before! I highly recommend giving your elders these gifts because they deserve all of the comforts possible as they age through life’s journey… and that includes in the bathroom!

What is A Raised Toilet Seat CVS?

A raised toilet seat from CVS is a device that attaches to the bowl of your toilet. Raised seats are designed for people who have difficulty sitting on or getting up off the ground, as they often provide more stability and make it easier to use toilets with low sides.

How to Install Raised Toilet Seat CVS?

Here is a step-by-step DIY guide to install raised toilet seat CVS. Follow this instruction:

  • Remove excess water from the toilet bowl
  • Find the center of the raised seat and align it with the top edge of your lid. Use this mark to drill holes in the metal layer for hinges, then repeat on another side.
  • Attach bolts to hinge ends and tighten using pliers or a wrench, making sure they are even with each other.
  • Place cover over raised seat then attaches by tightening screws (ensure that all four plastic tabs fit snugly inside corners).

This is an easy installation – anyone can do it!

How Much Does Raised Toilet Seat CVS Cost?

The price ranges anywhere between $17 to $30 depending on where you purchase them. Be aware that some retailers charge more for shipping than others. The best place to buy it is on Amazon.

Raised Toilet Seat CVS Review

The raised toilet seat is made of metal and plastic, it offers a non-slippery surface. The cover has four adjustable tabs that fit snugly over any bowl to prevent slipping or bunching up while sitting down on the lid. This product also comes with mounting bolts and easy installation instructions for anyone who needs them!

How I Benefit From Raised Toilet Seat CVS?

With these products from CVS in my home, I can avoid falling backward onto the floor while trying to use the bathroom which would cause injury or death if not caught right away by someone else nearby. All people benefit because they will no longer have to worry about their loved ones falling back into the bowl while using the bathroom.

What Do I Like About Raised Toilet Seat CVS?

I like that there are no sharp objects around me when sitting down and if something were to spill nearby then my clothing would stay clean because they have a cover over them. The adjustable tabs work well for different size toilets which means that everyone can benefit from these products! It also has easy installation instructions so anyone can do it themselves without any additional help needed. Finally, the plastic is non-slippery which ensures you won’t slip off in the middle of trying to use the bathroom.

How Do Raised Toilet Seat CVS Compare?

Raised toilet seat CVS is the best thing to buy for elderly people because they can’t get up off of the raised seats which is a much safer option than trying to use standard toilets that don’t have any sides on them and could result in falls when not used properly. There are other brands out there but none compare quality-wise or price-wise with these products! I am very happy with my purchase so far, would recommend it!


If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone who is elderly, this article has some great suggestions. The raised toilet seat from CVS was one of our favorite picks because it’s easy to install and provides an excellent solution for those with mobility issues. It also helps prevent slips on a wet or icy floor which can be very dangerous if they happen in the bathroom! We hope that these ideas will help you find something special for your loved ones this holiday season.

Happy shopping!