Do you know what an elongated toilet seat cover is? If not, don’t worry! This article will explain all of the basics. Elongated toilet seat covers can be a great alternative to standard round ones for those who need more coverage. They are also fantastic for use with elderly individuals or children that may still wet themselves occasionally. The extra-large elongated seats are designed specifically for this purpose and come in many different styles and colors. You’ll find out how these types of products differ from others and why they’re worth your time!

Elongated Toilet Seat Covers – What Are They?

The first sentence in the section: The elongated toilet seat cover is designed to provide a little extra coverage and protection for those with larger or more sensitive areas. It can be used by anyone who needs some additional room when sitting on the toilet, but it’s especially well-suited for people that may also need assistance from time to time. Â These covers are typically wider than regular round ones and they’re often made out of softer materials as well.

The second sentence in the section: An elongated cover will come up higher on your body so you won’t have to worry about anything getting exposed while taking care of business! Another benefit is this type of cover is typically larger so they can accommodate larger people or those who require a little more space.

The third sentence in the section: They are usually wider than regular round toilet seat covers and will come up higher on your body to prevent anything from being exposed while you’re taking care of business! Another benefit is this type of cover is often slightly bigger and may be able to fit someone larger than average.

The last sentence in the section: These types of covers also have an opening at the back for easy installation – just place it over your current seat, snap together two halves with press-studs, then lock them into position by pressing down either side until you hear them click shut. That’s all.

Elongated Toilet Seat Covers: Features

There are many features you may see. The main key points are size, design, and price.

Some elongated toilet seat covers come with a plastic shield which can be removed for cleaning or total replacement of your current cover. Not only are elongated toilet seat covers a bit wider, but they also have an inner padding layer to make sure accidents and incontinence don’t go unnoticed.

Design features may include extra-wide widths (to fit larger people), handles on either side, multi-layer designs to give more protection against leaks and add comfort as well as color options like black, brown, and white.

Pricing will vary depending on size but you should expect prices between $20-$40 per cover. Or if you’re looking for something less expensive there are lots of regular rounds toilet seat covers available in the market.

A new toilet seat cover costs anywhere from $20 to $40 and lasts for six months on average. The most common shapes of the elongated toilets are round, oblong, oval, egg-shaped, or squarish in shape which is not specifically designed but can be used as such with an elongated toilet seat cover.

I was impressed by the research that went into this article. It’s thorough and has a lot of data. I found myself agreeing with, “waiting for the toilet seat before sitting down is not an uncontested rule” because you never know who used it last or what they left behind so unhygienic reminders are needed to remind people to wash their hands later even if it seems redundant at first.

As someone who has been looking into ways to save time cleaning my bathroom while also maintaining good hygiene levels consistently throughout – this was informative! Elongated toilet seats are different than the standard size and even if they do not come with an elongated toilet seat cover, it’s still worth considering as a possible purchase.


This toilet seat cover has many positive sides. Here are some:

It’s a toilet seat cover that can fit the elongated type of toilet, which is great if you have one at home.

The waterproof plastic wrap ensures your worries about hygiene are lessened and it also has an easy-to-clean surface. In my opinion, this would be easier than placing paper on the entire length of the toilet before sitting down.

You do not need any attachments or hooks because it fits over the top when in place and around underneath for added safety measures against slipping off while seated.


I found many negative aspects but here are some that you may check before purchase:

This product does not come with installation instructions so those who don’t know how to put them might find themselves lost or frustrated

I have found that the plastic wrap does not stay in place as well when you are seated and it could move around

This product is difficult to remove from the toilet seat after use so I would recommend removing it before sitting down

One of my favorite pros for this elongated cover though is how easy it is to clean. It has a waterproof surface, which means no worries about what might happen if someone needs to go unexpectedly.


Now I am going to wrap up the article by highlighting the pros and cons of this product.

The best pro is how easy it is to clean with a waterproof surface that helps make sure those who are going unexpectedly don’t have any accidents. The downside though, for some people might be not having installation instructions included in the package or even finding themselves frustrated when they try to cover their elongated toilet seat because it is difficult to remove from the toilet after use. I would recommend removing before sitting down so you avoid any accidental mishaps!

Finally, we can conclude by saying that while there may not be many benefits but there are certainly no major drawbacks either if you take care about where you place these covers on your seat before using them and/or taking them off right away afterward as well as taking care to remove before sitting down.

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