If you’re looking for a new toilet paper holder, but want to avoid the cold hard steel of the standard design, then we have just what you need! This bear toilet paper holder is both cute and functional. Its plush body will hold up your rolls of toilet paper without any wear and tear. Plus its large size means that it can fit many different-sized rolls. So if you’re looking for something soft and cuddly to hold your bathroom necessities, this bear is ready to help!

What is The Bear Toilet Paper Holder?

The bear toilet paper holder is a plush, cuddly way to hold your rolls of tissue. Its huggable design will also help you remember where the last roll was if somebody else takes it! The large size means that it can fit any standard-sized roll, so they’re perfect for every bathroom in the home or office. Plus their soft and cute look makes them an adorable addition to any room.

Where Can I Find These Cute Toilet Paper?

If you want to buy the bear toilet paper holder, you can find them on Amazon and related websites.

How Much Are The Bear Toiletry Holders?

Each of our products is priced according to size, but in general, they are between $20-60 USD. For this particular product, we have two different bears which means that there will be two separate price ranges for each one! Check out the “buy” section of the page to see what’s currently available so you don’t miss your favorite beer today!”

Why Choose A Teddy Bear Paper Holder?

The most common use for these adorable items is as an alternative way to hold tissues around the house. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re feeling sick than trying to find a tissue in the middle of nowhere. With a bear toilet paper holder, it becomes so much easier! All that’s required is to have one on each side and voila – they’ll look great while also being useful.”

Features of Bear TP Holder

The Teddy Bear Paper Holder is adorable, soft, and perfect for those of us who have kids or pets. They’re also useful in a lot of different ways – not just to hold toilet paper! Here are some bullet points:

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Covers up the TP roll for a more finished look
  • Assorted colors, so you can find one to match your decor: brown bear with white fur or pink bear with the purple dress (or vice versa)

Sizes of Bear Paper Dispensers

The Teddy Bears are about 12 inches tall. They’re also pretty large – they’ll take up two hands! So it’s perfect if you need something that will hold paper without slipping off.”

Potential Customers?

Who might be interested in this product? It could be useful for anyone who has kids or pets and doesn’t want them coming near the toilet tissue. Parents would love these because then their little ones wouldn’t mess around with the TP and get themselves into trouble.

Pros & Cons

There are plenty of positive sides to this bear paper holder. First of all, it’s cute and soft! Kids are going to love this bear as soon as they see it on the toilet tank – just imagine how excited their faces will be when you bring home a new toy for them!

Additionally, there is no assembly required with these guys (unless you count stuffing them). So aside from having an excellent solution to keep your bathroom tidy, you’ll also have time saved that would’ve been used up putting together another item that threatens injury if not assembled correctly.”

Bear TP Holder Installation System

You can learn from here that how to install a bear toilet paper holder in your bathroom (bullet points):

  • Place the bear face down on the toilet tank lid. The bear should be slightly raised, so it is visible from below without being in danger of falling off when moved or tapped by a toddler’s hand.
  • The bottom of their feet will most likely rest against the edge of your toilet tank and his/her belly (or stomach) will touch the underside part where you place your hands to lift up and remove your old TP roll before replacing it with a new one – So make sure that this area remains clear for easy access!
  • Take one end of the paper towel out straight, then twist around until they are tightly rolled together. Roll them under halfway through into loops which can now be placed over the bear’s paws.
  • Then twist the other end of the paper towel around and loop it through, so that they create a total of four loops. These will now be able to hold your toilet roll in place for you!


I have always loved bears but this bear is my favorite! I am very pleased with the way he looks and how easy it was to put him together. He has a natural look too so that you can feel like you are in nature when using your bathroom, which is nice for some people who don’t want their home to be overly decorated or colorful.