The Kohler Cimarron toilet is a sleek, modern design that will look great in your bathroom. You can install this toilet yourself, but you need to follow the correct installation instructions for it to work properly. We have compiled these installation instructions right here so you know how to install your new Kohler Cimarron toilet with ease!

What is Kohler Cimarron Toilet?

The Kohler Cimarron toilet is a beautiful toilet that is perfect for any type of bathroom. This toilet was designed to work with the Toto Neorest toilets and can be installed without any additional tools or hardware (all you need are some basic hand tools). The height of this particular model makes it perfect for households where there may be young children around as well as seniors who have difficulty reaching down low.

What Do I Need?

You need just one extra part when installing a Kohler Cimarron toilet: an extension kit that ensures the seat won’t rub against the tank. You also need some basic hand tools such as pliers, adjustable wrench, tape measure, socket set, and wrenches or screwdrivers, etc.

If you have an existing toilet in your home, it’s important to measure the old unit and purchase one that is of similar size. Not all toilets are created equal so be sure to measure before purchasing!

You should know the Kohler Cimarron has a height of 17″ which makes it perfect for households with children or seniors who need assistance when using the bathroom. This model does not come equipped with soft-close technology but there are some easy fixes you can do yourself such as adding rubber bumpers on either side of the seat to prevent slamming shut (although this may affect how well the lid closes). You also want to ensure that if installing this type of toilet within arms reach proximity from any sink faucet, the handle must be turned so that the handle is pointing out of the toilet area.

When installing your new Kohler Cimarron Toilet, you need to first remove any washers or gaskets from both tanks and then turn off water supply valves behind each tank. Once these steps are completed, it’s time to find a suitable location for installation – be sure there are at least 12 inches of clearance on top of the floor where you plan on placing your new toilet (don’t forget about height restrictions to avoid any potential trip hazards). You’ll want to mark an outline with chalk around the old unit to create reference points for leveling feet when installing this one as well. Now it’s time to place them into position! One set should go in front of the main toilet, and the other in the back of the toilet.

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Installation Process

  • First, make sure the floor is level and that your bathroom has enough clearance room for the toilet to fit. You will need about 12 inches of space on all sides of the tank.
  • Next, place a new wax ring in front of the bolts and attach snap nuts to them. Tighten these with pliers so that they are snug but not overly tight.
  • Now you can install your new toilet! Place it on top of the bolts (make sure that it is level!) securely pushing down until all four legs contact evenly against flooring or carpet. Then tighten two screws through pre-drilled holes from each side into mounting bracket slots for extra support and stability when installed correctly! You may want to have an assistant help you with this step because toilets can be heavy. Finally, insert supply hoses up through the hole(s) in the bowl at back and connect to water supply connection valves after turning off existing connections.
  • If your water supply line is attached to the toilet, disconnect it before proceeding with the installation.
  • This may require some minor cutting of plastic pipes! (Note: If they have not already been removed for replacement or repair)
  • Now you can turn on the new fixture and test out a flush to make sure that everything works properly. Congratulations on installing your own Kohler Cimarron Toilet Installation!

The Kohler Cimarron Toilet Installation is complete! Now you can start filling your tanks with water and connecting each to their respective valves – these will automatically seal when connected correctly, so it’s important not to turn on any other faucet before or during this process. That being said, do make sure all connections are tightly secured to prevent leaks from forming under your new toilet installation (a few drips here and there won’t hurt anything but be sure they’re sealed tight!). You’ll want to test out both toilets before removing the old ones by flushing them separately; if everything looks good then go ahead and remove them! As well as making a note of how much water is in each tank before removing the old toilet.


Hope you got everything you need to know about the Kohler Cimarron Toilet Installation and now you can enjoy your new toilet.

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