A how-to guide on how to use toilet cleaner. Once, you use toilet cleaner, you may never go back to how things used to be before you started using it!

What is Toilet Cleaner?

Toilet cleaner is a product that helps you clean the bowl, or how we say it in French, “pour le trou du banquet”. It makes the work of cleaning easier (and also more pleasant!) by “softening” hard water deposits and stains.

DIY Guide: Toilet Cleaner Uses Procedures

Here is a do-it-yourself guide to using toilet cleaner. If you follow these steps, you can easily clean your toilet.

Step 1

Buy something made specifically for toilets. You can find this at the grocery store or hardware store. Just ask someone at either shop if they know what “toilet cleaners” are.

Step 2

Look for a place in your bathroom that has an area where there is no plumbing and wallpaper. It could be a window sill or part of the wall halfway up. I usually get one that is in a corner to avoid it all being on the floor when I dump it out.

Step 3

Pour some cleaner into an empty bottle (if your bottle has had something else in it, wash it out first) and add enough water so that you can pour what’s in there back into the bucket easily. If I’m using over-the-counter toilet cleaners, 2 ounces go in there for every 1 gallon of water.

Step 4

Clean!!! Apply liberally with your preferred method. Spraying works best because then you don’t have to hold it at funny angles and risk drips and dribbles. I usually spray once on, then another quick one right after that.

Step 5

Wait for a while. It could be 5 minutes or 10, depending on how dirty your toilet is! You can probably get away with being less thorough with how long you wait if you don’t have too much crud in there, but whenever I take someone to the bathroom to show how nice my work was (or how gross theirs was), they tend not to remember how good it looks if they weren’t impressed enough by how the product worked.

Step 6

Clean up. If it’s just going down the drain into a septic tank, pour some water down and flush. Force as much of the water to go down the drain as you can.

If it’s going to a sewer, how much is up to how friendly your local plumbing people are? Some will tell you how much of an allowance they’ve got for brown water flooding in at any given time (hint: don’t hold back) and how much of their systems can handle, and others will say “dump whatever whenever”.

Step 7

Use more? If this isn’t enough for you or how your house is set up, mix a solution that has more cleaner in it with the same amount of water.

Step 8

Enjoy! You should be happier with how nice things look now. Please note that I am not responsible for how good the smell is in how your bathroom will be, how much happier you are with how clean it is, how clean things can get without breaking down too early or how well this works in other places like kitchens and laundry rooms.

FAQs of Toilet Cleaner Uses

Let’s see some quick answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: How do you use toilet bowl cleaner?

A: You add it to water, then pour that into the bowl and use something like a scrub brush to get everything down in there off. You may need more than one application if you have a lot of built-up gunk in your toilet bowl (and sometimes even with just a little bit) so be prepared for that.

Q: Is toilet bowl cleaner toxic?

A: No! I was surprised myself when I found out that you could eat the stuff but apparently it’s been tested enough times to say for sure now! It’s not good food with all those chemicals in them, though.

Q: How do you properly clean a toilet?

A: If you are asking this, I’m guessing it’s because someone else is coming over and you want to make sure things look nice. That’s fine! Here’s a quick guide I made for using a bathroom cleaner. Hope you have already read it.

Q: How does toilet cleaner work?

A: It’s a combination of things that helps to break down hard water and other mineral deposits. You can get specific cleaners like “hard water” cleaner or “calcium and lime” cleansers (both are the same thing). Toilet bowl cleaner usually contains hydrogen peroxide which is usually what does the heavy lifting.

Q: How long should I let toilet bowl cleaner set?

A: It depends on how dirty your toilet bowl is! 5-10 minutes is standard, but you can leave it in there longer for really bad cases. Just make sure not to go over 10 minutes because you don’t want too much damage done! If this happens though, no worries!

Q: How long can you leave toilet cleaner in a toilet?

A: Don’t leave it in for longer than 10 minutes. This is true of most chemicals that can be toxic (the ones in here aren’t that bad, though). If you are going to let something sit for a long time and make sure it would never accidentally get flushed, rinse it out at least once an hour.

Q: How do I clean the toilet when I don’t have any toilet cleaner on hand?

A: First, if you are lucky enough to not have gotten anything into your pipes yet – the best thing you can do is pour some Baking Soda down there and follow up with vinegar. Wait a while and then pour water down (make sure the baking soda goes away!) and flush! Hopefully, this was enough to help things.


Hope that helped. Please let me know if any of this was inaccurate. So I can help other people. And if you know any other way that is more helpful, please feel free to share with our readers.

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