A toilet plunger is an important tool in any household. If you have a clogged toilet, it can be difficult to unclog the toilet without one. Fortunately, plunging a toilet is a simple task that you can do with just your hands and some water. The following guide will show how to plunge a toilet like an expert!

What is Plunge A Toilet?

A plunge is a tool that needs to be used to unclog a toilet. So, every home needs a toilet plunger to unclog the toilet. To know how to plunge a toilet, you need to have some knowledge about it.

What Plunge A Toilet Do?

The plunger uses a rubber cup that fits over the opening of the toilet bowl and covers all but one inch, creating suction on the inside surface of this hole that needs to be filled with water from time to time. The act of plunging is repeated until it becomes easy for you to remove whatever obstructs are in your way.

How To Use This Tool Properly?

To plunge properly, make sure that the seal created by the rubber cup stays intact while moving back and forth or up and down within the bowl repeatedly so as not to clog drains easily. Generally, doing this about ten times should do it! If there is a lot of water in the toilet bowl, it might not be necessary to plunge more than three to five times.

You Can Also Try To Use A Plunger That Is Equipped With a Hose Or Plug:

If there is a clog that needs to be removed from your sink or shower drain and you don’t have any luck using just the plunger, try attaching either one end of a hose pipe or plug into your overflow opening on the top of the basin. Make sure that both ends are securely fitted before plunging!

How Often Should You Do This?

A good rule of thumb is to flush out debris every time you feel like it’s needed (daily). If ever this becomes too much for you, invest in a home plumber to do the job for you!

DIY Guide: How To Plunge A Toilet?

Before plunging a toilet, make sure that there is enough water in your bucket or container so that when you pull up on the handle of the plunger (gently), water can be pushed out from underneath its head. If not, use your sink or get more running water before continuing! This will reduce strain on your hands.

Get close to the clogged area of your drain pipe by squatting with one foot flat against the floor for stability while keeping another leg straight behind the body as shown above.

1) First, fill the bowl of the plunger with water so that it covers the top of the rubber cap on the end of it.

2) Next, position yourself at or near where your clogged toilet is located and gently push down on this plunger handle.

3) Once you are over your clogged area, pull up on this handle while applying pressure to the plunger.

The water will rise and fill back up the space in which you just pushed it down, so don’t worry! This is a natural process that happens as soon as your clog gets unclogged. Keep pulling this handle while pushing on it until the bowl of water becomes black with debris or sediment from behind where your toilet sits. If not successful after using the right amount of pressure for about 30 seconds, consider calling a professional plumber to help clear out blockage instead.

How to Find A Professional Plumber to Unclog A Toilet?

A professional plumber is needed when you can’t clean a toilet clog by plunging. You can find one in your area on services like Angie’s List or Home Advisor, which are websites that list local professionals and their prices for different tasks.


So, the overall process is to plunge the toilet until it becomes unclogged, or call a professional plumber if you cannot clear the clog.

Ask us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.