In this guide, we will discuss how to install a toilet in your home. This should be done by a professional contractor but if you are not interested in paying someone for the job or don’t have the money, then you can do it yourself. We recommend that you read through this article before getting started so that you know what to expect and what tools are needed for the installation process.

Toilet Installation Kit List

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Caulking gun and caulk
  • Protective goggles to protect your eyes from the construction dust or debris that may get in them. If you don’t wear glasses, then an old pair of sunglasses will work as well.

Unpack everything that comes with the kit before getting started on anything else so it is all laid out for easy access later on during the installation process.

Now, will explain the full process of installation the toilet in the home.

Toilet Installation Steps

Here is the full installation process of a toilet:

  • Step One: Turn off the water supply and block it, which can be done by closing the access valve on top of your house’s mainline.
  • Step Two: Take out any old toilet bolts that are left in place so they don’t get mixed up with any new ones or damaged during installation.
  • Step Three: Make sure to measure how far from one side of the floor to make a mark for where you will need to drill holes. The best way is doing this would be about two inches away from where the base sits without taking into account if there is already plumbing under that spot (you’ll need an extra hole for those).
  • Step Four: Now it’s time to drill the hole for the toilet in your wall. Be careful not to drill too low or you risk hitting water pipes from any of the other fixtures, which can cause a leak and potential damage.
  • Step Five: Now it is time to install the new bolt that will secure your toilet into place next to where you just drilled holes in. Make sure you use enough sealant when installing this bolt so no leaks happen later on!
  • Step Six: Once all bolts have been installed, now you’ll need to replace any old wax ring with one of these new rubber rings that are made especially for toilets – they will ensure an airtight seal between your plumbing system (pipe) and tank area if there is leakage here because of the rubber ring.
  • Step Seven: Put all of your “stuff” back in place and make sure everything is secured tightly to ensure water doesn’t leak out or anything else for that matter!
  • Step Eight: Turn your water back on slowly and check for leaks.
  • Step Nine: If you still have no leak, then congratulations! You’re all done! And now the toilet will work just like it did before but with a brand new look to it thanks to you !”
  • Step Ten: If you do have a leak, turn your water off and head back to step four.
  • Step Eleven: If all else fails, call in an expert!

How to Install A Toilet by An Expert?

There are many reasons why a homeowner might need to hire an expert plumber. A common reason is that homeowners don’t know how to install a toilet.

But a plumber can do it easily. That is why they’re called professionals!

A homeowner can also get a plumber to fix any other plumbing issues they might be having. Plumbing problems happen all the time, so it’s good to have somebody on call that you the know-how and is willing to help out if needed.


We hope this DIY guide on how to install a toilet has helped you! If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for your home and family to help regarding any kinds of toilets.

So, feel free to ask us.