The toilet is one of the dirtiest things in your house, which is why it needs to be cleaned. And while you may not want to do this yourself, it’s important that you know how to clean a toilet so you can teach someone else how! In this article, we’ll go over how to clean a toilet and some helpful tips for keeping it looking brand new.

DIY Guide: How to Clean A Toilet

If you want to clean your toilet yourself, this DIY guide can help you to do it easily. Because let’s be honest, you don’t want to call a plumber – they’ll charge an arm and a leg for something that can be done in minutes.

Let’s learn it step by step from the below list.

1. Need A Toilet Brush

Remove the toilet brush from its holder. Then, dip the brush in any cleaning solution and scrub it over the inside of your toilet. This should remove most of the dirt and grime that’s there, but if you have a stubborn stain, try sprinkling some baking soda on top to soak up grease or use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar as a gentle abrasive.

2. Wear Hand Gloves

Put on gloves to protect your hands and clothes from germs and bacteria.

Next, clean the toilet seat by wetting a paper towel or cloth with water or cleaning solution and scrubbing it over the fabric. Wipe it dry before sitting down to prevent spreading any dirt on you.

3. Remove the Cover

If your toilet has a built-in bidet, remove its cover for easy access to its wand’s nozzle. If not, skip this step – unless there are stubborn stains that need attention (e.g., mold). Firmly grip both ends of the wand between your fingers and thumbs while keeping pressure away from the center part where water is released. Gently wipe along all surfaces inside around the rim of the tank until no more bubbles appear in blue liquid (this indicates cleaner being pushed out).

Make sure to clean the bidet’s exhaust vent by inserting a cloth or pipe cleaner through its opening. Do not use anything metal, as it may cause damage!

4. Remove Other Dirt

Remove any remaining dirt around the base of the toilet with a sponge and bucket of soapy water. Rinse off and dry thoroughly before putting away. This will seal in all that hard work you put into making your bathroom sparkle again – ready for guests!

5. Clean the Toilet Seat

Next, clean the toilet seat by wetting a paper towel or cloth with water or cleaning solution and scrubbing it over the fabric. Wipe it dry before sitting down to prevent spreading any dirt on you.” If your toilet has a built-in bidet, remove its cover for easy cleaning.

6. Use Bleach

Pour a generous amount of bleach into the bowl and leave for at least 30 minutes, before scrubbing it with a toilet brush. Bleach is the perfect cleaning agent to use on toilets because of its powerful antibacterial properties that will kill any hidden bacteria lurking inside!

To avoid clogs and keep your pipes running smoothly:

  • Flush only when absolutely necessary (e.g., after every bowel movement) so as not to overload the septic tank or plumbing system; instead do a quick rinse by pouring water from a bucket into the bowl until it’s filled up halfway, then flush this away.
  • Always pour bleach down into the drain rather than around it – if you spill some excess liquid outside of the bowl onto fixtures like tiles or walls near the area, mop it up with a clean cloth.

7. Scrub the Toilet Wall & Others

Take a sponge or rag, dip it in bleach, and scrub around the inside of the bowl until you have removed all stains.

  • Wipe down the tank, handle, and toilet seat with a diluted bleach solution
  • Use an old toothbrush or other small scrubbing brush to clean around the base of the bowl where dirt can accumulate. If you have any tough stains that won’t come off using only water and soap, try adding hydrogen peroxide for extra cleaning power!

Don’t forget to dry everything before it gets wet again – take care not to drip onto anything in your bathrooms such as tile grout or surfaces near faucets and sinks so as not to create unsightly stains on these areas. It’s best if you put some newspaper under the area first then after drying up any excess liquid from inside the bowl using paper towels, collect all dirty items and put them in the trash.

If you have a toilet brush, use it to scrub around the base of your bowl where dirt can accumulate and then flush down with water to wash away all debris. If cleaning up after somebody who has had diarrhea or other severe bodily fluids, be sure not to touch anything as this will also make you want to clean (I know from personal experience).

Flush the handle and tank; close lid and seat did. Dry off excess liquid using paper towels before throwing it in a garbage bag for disposal!

8. Pack Up the Process

Flush down the toilet to remove any remaining traces of cleanser or dirt particles that may have been left behind after sponging out the bowl. To prevent any potential leaks, gently push down on the pedal to seal off the tank.

Remove all of your cleaning supplies and trash from the bathroom and put them in a designated place where they’ll be easy to find when you need to clean again.

Locking in freshness: leave some toilet paper or air freshener inside so that it will evaporate out into the room for about 12 hours after your last use before flushing with water. Replace as needed!

Flush once more just to remove anything left behind by wiping up excess moisture near the bowl edge- this is especially important if you have kids who might come back later for another reason (or adults!.

Run cool water over the top of the handle, seat cover, lid, and outside of the tank.

Be sure to use a clean cloth or paper towel, never your hands, and always dry with a lint-free cloth after you’ve finished cleaning.

Place any wet items in an enclosed container before opening up windows for fresh air!


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