This article is for people who are looking for answers on how to adjust toilet float. We’ll discuss the steps in this article, along with some possible fixes if the process doesn’t work out.

How to adjust toilet float answer is you can do it by following some steps as below:

How to Adjust Toilet Float?

Many people experience the problem of their toilet not filling with water to its maximum level. This is sometimes because the float arm on the back of your toilet tank is not adjusted correctly. Here are instructions for how to adjust it!

1) Turn off the water supply valve. So you know your toilet will not overflow while you are adjusting the float arm.

2) Shut off the main water supply to prevent overflowing during adjustment. This can be done by turning a knob on the wall behind or under your bathroom sink, as well as by shutting off any valves near the toilet in your home’s basement or crawl space (or even outside). Turn it back on after you’re done!

3) Lift and remove the top part of the tank (this will expose a metal chain that connects from the float arm to a hole in the bottom section of the tank). Use adjustable wrench or pliers if necessary, but be sure not to damage plastic parts.

4) Adjust the chain so that there’s enough slack so that when you lift on the end of the chain, it pulls down and causes a flush valve inside the toilet bowl to open up fully.

5) If it doesn’t work, adjust the chain so that the slack is closer to the end of the chain and repeat step four. If this still does not solve your problem, try adjusting how high you lift on the arm before pulling down with pliers/wrenches (higher or lower).

6) Now it’s time to check the water level. Lift on the top of the chain to flush water through and check how high it fills in the tank. So, you can do the three things:

  • Adjust how high you lift up on the chain so that it fills to a certain height. This is usually done by adjusting how much slack there is in the chain
  • Add more water to raise the level if your tank isn’t filled enough or take some out of your toilet tank if it’s too full, which can be accomplished with a large bucket and cup/jar. You may need to do this often depending on where you live (e.g., humid climate vs dry climate).
  • Replace the fill valve for an easier solution! If none of these work, then consider replacing your flush valve. It will make flushing easy again!

7) If you still don’t see the solution, then it may be time to replace your flush valve. Or you can call a professional plumber in to help you fix the problem.


I recommend that if none of these items work, then it may be time to replace your flush valve; this should make flushing easy again! If none of these work, consider contacting a professional plumber for more assistance with how to adjust toilet float. The professionals will know what is wrong and have the right solution for your specific issue.